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Главная » 2012 » Июнь » 9 » Список книг о пробуждениях и пробужденцах (на английском)
Список книг о пробуждениях и пробужденцах (на английском)

Большие пробуждения

Revival of Religion at Kilsyth, Cambuslang, and other places in 1742 by Rev. James Robe

The Great Revival of the 18th Century by Edwin P. Hood

The Great Revival in the West 1797-1805 by Catherine Cleveland

The Great Revival of 1800 by Rev. William Speer

The Kentuck Revival (1807) by Richard M'Nemar

Revival In The Highlands Of Scotland (1815) by Alenxander Stewart

The Revival at Beddgelert 1817-1822 by John Jones

Notes of a Welsh Revival (in Beddgekert 1818) from Catholic Presbyterian Magazine

Recollections of Nettleton and the Great Revival of 1820 by Rev R. Smith

Revivals of Religion in the Third Presbyterian Church in Baltimore (1826) by W. C. Walton

The Revivals of Religion in the County of Oneida (1826)

Revivals of Religion (1831)

Missionary Life in Samoa, During the Revival in Tutuila (1840) by George A. Lundie

The Charlinch Revival by Rev. H. J. Prince (1842)

Boston Revival of 1842 by Martin Moore

A Review of Remarkable Conversions and Revival Incidences (1857-58) by William C. Conant

Revival of Plymouth Church in Brooklyn in the Early part of 1858

The Revival and Its Lessons, Referring to the Great Awakening (1858) by Rev. James W. Alexander

The Year of Grace, Revival In Ireland 1859 by Rev William Gibson

The Religious Revival In Belfast by Edward Stopford (1859 - discussing physical manifestations)

The Welsh Revival, Its Origin and Development by John Venn (1860)

The Great Revival of Norwalk, Ohio by A. W. Taylor (1873)

The Great Awakening in Columbus Ohio 1895 by Henry Stauffer, Washington Gladden

Twenty Years of Revival Effort By Greenbery B Howard (1898)

Revival Addresses (1903) by R. A. Torrey

Welsh Revivals Before 1904 by H. Elvet Lewis

Great Revivals and the Great Republic by Warren A. Candler

Revival In India by by Helen S. Dyer (1907)

The Great Boston Revival Januray 26 - February 21, 1909 by Arcturus Z. Conrad (evangelistic campaign)

The Revival in Manchuria by James Webster (1910)

Praying Hyde by Francis A. McGaw (1923)

Radiant Glory: The Life Of Martha Wing Robinson by Gordon P. Gardiner (1962)

Twice Born and Then? - Revival in China by Andrew Gih (1964)


Jonathan Edwards / Первое Великое Пробуждение

Thoughts on Revival of Religion in New England 1740 by Jonathan Edwards

The Account Of The Revival In Boston in 1740-1-2-3 by Thomas Prince

Revival Experiences During the Great Awakeningin 1741-1744 in New London County

A History of the Revival of Religion Under Edwards and Whitfield by Joesph Tracy (1842)


Count Zinzendorf / Моравские Братья

A Solemn Call on Count Zinzendorf by Henry Rimius (1754)

The History of the Moravians By Heinrich Rimius (1754)

The life of Nicholas Lewis count Zinzendorf By August Gottlieb Spangenberg (1838)

A Short History of the Moravian Church by J. E. Hutton (1909)


John Wesley / Методизм

The Life of Rev John Wesley by Rev. H. Moore (1824)

Methodism In Earnest, Being The History of a Great Revival In Great Britain by Rev. James Caughey (1850)


Charles Finney

Lectures on Revivals of Religion by Charles G. Finney (1835)

Memoris of Rev. Charles G. Finney (1876)

Sermons on Gospel Themes by Charles G. Finney (1876)

Charles Grandison Finneyby G. Frederick Write (1891)

Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians (1911 (Charles Finney, George Mueller, John Wesley, A. J. Gordon etc)


George Whitefield

The Life and Times of George Whitefield by Robert Philip (1838)

The Pictorial Life of Rev. George Whitfield (1852)

Memoirs of Geoge Whitefield (1853)

Lady Huntington and her Friends, The Revival of the Work of God in the Days of Wesley, Whitfield, Romain, Venn and Others (1853) by Helen C. Knight

George Whitefield: A Biography: With Special Reference To His Labors In America by Joseph Blecher (1857)

Selected Sermons of George Whitefield (1904)


D. L. Moody

D. L. Moody and His Work by W. H. Daniels (1876)

Best Thougths and Discourses of D. L. Moody (1876)

Anecdotes and Illustrations of D. L. Moody (1877)

Anecdotes & illustrations of D. L. Moody Related by Him in His Revival Work (1877)

D. L. Moody Child Stories in His Revival Work (1877)

Moody His Word, Works, and Wonders by W. H. Daniels (1877)

Secret Power by D. L. Moody (1881)

The Gospel Awakening by D. L. Moody (1883)

D. L. Moody At Home (1886)

The D. L. Moody Yearbook (1900)

D. L. Moody Life Work and Gospel Sermons (1907)


John Alexander Dowie

First Fruits: Divine Healing Missions in California by John Alexander Dowie (1889)


Smith Wigglesworth

Wigglesworth: The Complete Story: A New Biography on the Apostle of Faith By Julian Wilson (2000)


R. A. Torrey

The Welsh Revival and the London Mission by F. B. Meyer


1904 Пробуждение в Уэллсе / Evan Roberts

The Welsh Revival by Thomas Phillips

The Welsh Lady Seer Her Conversion and MissionVision of Lights (1904)

The Welsh Revival and Its Lessons by G. Campbell Morgan 1905

The Anniversary of the Revival Of Wales - Description of an Evan Roberts Meeting (1905)

Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival by Arthur Goodrich - Followed by "A Message To The Church" by Rev. Evan Roberts (1905)

Description Of Welsh Revival Meetings (1905)

The Welsh Revival by W. T. Stead (1905)

Luminous Appearances In Connection With The Welsh Revival (article trying to naturally explain supernatural visitation)

Story of Robert Evans Travailing For Two Lost Men (1911)


General William Booth / Армия Спасения

In Darkest England And The Way Out (1890)

Visions (1906)

The Life of General William Booth by Harold Begbie (1920)

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